Michelle Longman

Michelle Longman began with ballet classes at nursery school at the age of 2. Since then she has received Honours results for all Cecchetti Ballet exams, up to and including Advanced 2.

At the age of 13, she joined the National School of the Arts where she began diversifuying her training into other dance froms such as Contemporary, Spanish and Jazz. The same year she was accepted into the South African Ballet Theatre (SABT) Academy where weekly Pilates classes were scheduled for the dancers

The year after obtaining her Matric, Michelle completed her Associate Diploma (Ballet Teachers Degree) and began intensifying her training in STOTT Pilates. She believed Pilates to be essential as well as necessary form of excersise in order to aid corret posture, muscle alignment and correct strength. Thereafter she went to study at University, maintaining her dance interest part-time.

With the completion of her Chartered Accounting Honours deree at the end of 2015, Michelle decided to invest more time going forward into her true passion of instructing. With En-Core Barre classes representing a close mix between Ballet & Pillates - En-core Barre instruction was right up her alley!

Michelle brings a light-hearted, energetic feel to her classes, and makes a point to ensure your muscles remember her the next day.